It is no overstatement to say that product packaging matters as much as your product itself – perhaps more in some senses. Product packaging is what sets your brand apart. Hopefully, your product itself will differentiate you from your competitors, but it can only do so if consumers are suitably enticed to purchase it in the first place – and that’s why packaging is so vital. However, the function of packaging goes beyond simple shelf appeal. Here are five reasons why you need to concentrate on a powerful packaging design.

Strengthens your reputation

Your packaging, from its design to its physical quality, forms the leading edge of your marketing. Your customers’ first contact with your product – via all their senses – is through your packaging. Therefore, much of the public’s perception of your brand rests on the quality of your packaging. You can strengthen your reputation with great packaging or jeopardise it with lower quality.

Good packaging provides protection to products

Marketing and image are important, but the essential function of packaging is to contain and protect your product. Whatever packaging might be appropriate for your goods – whether it’s luxury bags, or carefully designed, multifaceted e-commerce packaging, must be able to carry your product safely from you to your customer. For this reason, you need to choose the right design and material. This will also affect your reputation.

Makes you stand out

As we mentioned before, packaging is not only there to contain your product. You could choose the plainest, most non-descript packaging for that purpose (you could do that anyway, provided it suits your brand). The aim is to design packaging that reflects and promotes your brand and what it stands for, and puts that on unmissable display on the shelves of the stores or online shopping pages.

The unboxing experience

Unboxing has become a consumer phenomenon in its own right. Consumers demand great packaging for the products they love so that they can show them off on their social media accounts. You can really set yourself apart from your competition by designing beautiful packaging that will make for an exciting unboxing experience.

Enhances customer experience

As most of the other points should already make clear, packaging is really about creating a good experience for your customers. From attracting the buyer in the first place, to delivering the product safely, to providing a fun unboxing experience, your packaging must interact with the buyer at all levels, and make their experience of your product and brand extra memorable. That is what will make them buy from you again, as well as recommending you to others.

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