As a manufacturer of food products, the packaging you choose is almost as important as your products themselves. The most popular food packaging materials are selected for their capacity to protect food and keep it fresh, but also for its aesthetic properties – its ability to form part of an attractive package that will sell the product and make it attractive before the food itself is even tasted. 

What types of packaging are most often chosen for their combined functional and visual qualities and what makes them so popular? Traditionally, the most common food packaging materials have included food-grade plastic, metal (such as that which is used in making cans), paper or glass. Advances in packaging design and manufacturing have led to plastics and paper – and more sustainable substitutes for both – dominating the market. They are chosen predominantly for their flexibility, convenience and affordability. In the case of newer packaging products, environmentally conscious manufacturing methods, which make use of recyclable materials, are also an important consideration. 

Paramount Packaging’s range of food packaging supplies covers the most common configurations of polyethylene packing products designed to provide effective and attractive solutions for all types of food products. These include packaging films; form, fill & seal products and different sizes and shapes of bags.

Packaging films can be plain and transparent, or they can be printed in any design of your choice. We supply all types of film, from standard OPP (oriented polypropylene) to collation shrink wrap. 

Form, fill and seal packaging is very popular for a wide variety of food packing applications. They are available in a range of sizes and shapes, and can be supplied clear, opaque or printed with your branding. 

Bags provide a versatile solution for all kinds of food products. Paramount also supplies wicketted bags, which allow for fast, automated packing.

Why is packaging so important?

Aside from preserving your product, your packaging also forms your front line in terms of marketing. Before customers see, touch or taste your food product, they see the packaging in which you present it. Your packaging thus needs to be carefully chosen and designed to be highly attractive to your target market. 

Paramount Packaging is the leading supplier of packaging solutions in the UK and Ireland. Contact us for more information on the most popular food packaging materials and how we can supply the ideal solution for your food products.