Among the different types of packaging available, the two most popular ones are flexible and rigid. According to reports, the flexible packaging industry will reach $299 billion by the year 2024. Paramount Packaging, suppliers of high-quality packaging solutions, explains what flexible packaging is and offers a few examples.

What is flexible packaging?

As the name suggests, flexible packaging is made from flexible or elastic materials such as polymer films, bioplastic films and metallic foils that are light-weight, cost-effective and are suitable for industries such as food, beverages and cosmetics. These industries prefer versatile packing that can be moulded and designed according to specific brands.

Features of flexible packaging

Paramount Packaging outlines the features of flexible packaging that makes it beneficial for commercial use:

Production efficiency

Flexible packaging is constructed with less base materials, thereby requiring less time and energy for production.


As less material and energy is required to produce flexible packaging, it has a smaller carbon footprint than rigid packaging. This type of packaging is reusable and recyclable too.


The materials used in flexible packaging offer greater opportunity for versatility and creativity, making them an excellent marketing platform.

Product life

As flexible packaging materials are heat-resistant, insect-resistant and moisture-resistant, products stored within them have enhanced shelf lives.

Examples of flexible packaging

Flexible packaging has taken the packaging industry by storm, with more and more food & beverage companies adopting so they can benefits from many of it advantages including: 

  • Promoting recycling 
  • Decreased waste
  • Offering greater marketing and design opportunities 
  • Allowing for customisation 
  • Enhancing distribution and supply due to easier shipping

Laminated films

Functional laminating films are available in a variety of styles including barrier films, peel films, antifog films and more. They offer protection to the stored goods and can be customised to any specifications.


Pliable and flexible containers are excellent for transportation as they do not get damaged during shipping.

Flexible bags

Flexible bags are the preferred choice for industries such as fresh food, personal care, beverages, dry & frozen food and the like. These are made from food-grade or other safe materials and come in clear or printed varieties.


Products such as food sachets and cartons use flexible packaging paper and sheets that offer versatility, grease-resistance and the ability to be moulded or twisted.


These flexible packaging materials are easy to pack and offer eye-catching custom print opportunities. Also equipped with multiple layers of protection, pouches are an excellent storage option for a wide variety of food and beverages. 

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