Transporting food requires packaging that maintains the quality and freshness of the product within. Over the last few years, there have been multiple strides in the food packaging industry with a specific focus on safe storage and transportation. Paramount Packaging explains the importance of food packaging and outlines some of the most popular types.

How packaging can extend the shelf-life of food

There is a direct link between food packaging and the shelf life of the product stored within. So, how does food packaging safeguard the product?

  1. Modified atmosphere packaging: In this type of packaging, the air in the packet is replaced with a mixture of gases that safeguard the food from oxidation. The most common gases include oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen and more.
  2. Vacuum packaging: This packaging removes most of the air from within, leaving the food product in a low oxygen permeability state. The main parts of this process include: 
  • Hermetically sealed chamber: The air from this chamber is removed. 
  • Pump: This consists of rotating blades that remove the air. 
  • Thermal strips: These seal a vacuum pouch in the machine. 
  1. Proper gas permeability: This packaging can be manufactured from materials that have optimal gas permeability or those that have tiny holes. It is suitable for food items that require air to stay fresh.
  2. Barrier packaging: Many food items are protected with packaging that consists of foil, clear or metallic barriers to safeguard them from external factors.

Popular food transportation packaging materials

Kraft paper

Made from wood pulp or agro-based materials, this type of food packaging is versatile, leak-proof, sturdy and sustainable. It can reduce your carbon footprint by 80% as compared to other oil-based packaging

Wax coated cardboard

Wax-coated cardboard packaging follows the principle of nature’s way of protecting leaves with a coating of wax to avoid them drying out. It is cost-effective, renewable and highly protective of food items.


Perfect for takeaways and delivery of food, paperboards come in a variety of specifications such as cylindrical food containers, short buckets, food buckets, pizza containers and more.

Corrugated fibreboard

Corrugated fibreboard is cost-effective, customisable and protective, especially for long-distance transportation of food products.

For more information on how food packaging can help in the safe transportation of food products, contact Paramount Packaging today!