Paramount Packaging supply a full range of plain or printed films, for use on FFS ( form fill and seal automated packing lines ). Substrates include LDPE ( low density polyethylene ), LLDPE ( linear low density polyethylene ), HDPE ( high density polyethylene ) , MDPE ( medium density polyethylene ),OPP ( oriented co extruded polypropolene ) Coated OPP’s ( for example pearlised, acrylic coated or metalised ), Cast PP’s, CPLS,  coextrusions and laminates. Films can be natural , opaque white, white / black co-ex, pigmented or tinted. All films can be supplied either unprinted or printed, in up to 8 colours, flexo or gravure printing. Paramount Packaging will work closely with each customer to ensure we supply the correct format and specification of material for their particular product and their brand of packing line.

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